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MM With Simple Logistics

MM With Simple Logistics Online Training

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 MM online training Hyderabad, India

Providing unique and best course of  MM online training in Hyderabad, India with total lab facility and under the guidance of best qualified educators.

Introduction to ERP
ERP Packages
Functions and Objectives of MM
Real Time Project Team Structure and Business Process R/3 Architecture
Organizational structure of an Enterprise in the  R/3 System
Company, Company code, Controlling Area, Plant, Storage Location, Purchase Organization, Purchasing group
Controlling Settings (Cost Center and Cost Element Etc…)
Master Data
Material Master
Vendor Master
Purchase Info Record
Source Determination
Source List
Quota Arrangement
Purchase Requisition
Purchase Order
Request For Quotation
(RFQ) Outline Agreement
Schedule Agreement
Document Types for Purchasing Documents
Define Document Type
Define Number Ranges for Document Types
Define Screen Layout At Document Level
Release Procedure for Purchasing Documents
Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Request For Quotation (RFQ), Outline Agreement- Contracts, Schedule Agreement
Pricing Procedure
Maintain Condition Table
Define Access Sequence
Maintain Condition Table
Define Condition Types
Define Calculation Schema
Define Schema Group
EPC & Code Inspector
Text Translations
Performance Optimization
Creation of Transaction codes for Reports
1. Schema Group Vendor
2. Schema Group for Purchasing Organization
3. Assignment of Schema Group to Purchasing Organization
Define Schema Determination
1. Determine Calculation Schema for Standard Purchase Orders
External Service Management
Service Master Creation
Model Service Specifications – MSS
Service PO
Service Entry Sheet
Optimized Purchasing
Automatic PO w ref to PR
Automatic PO at GR
Inventory Management
Movement types
Goods Receipt
Goods Issue
Transfer Postings
1. Transfer Posting from Stock to Stock
2. Transfer Posting from Plant to Plant
3. Transfer Posting from Sloc to Sloc
Return Delivery to vendor
Initial Entry of Stock Balances
Physical Inventory
Types of Physical Inventory
Creating Physical Inventory Document
Entering Physical Inventory Count
List Of Inventory Differences
Post the Difference
Special Stocks and Special Procurement Types
Stock transport order
Returnable transport packaging – RTP
Third Party Processing
Batch Management in MM
Condition Tables
Access Sequence
Strategy Types
MM Batch Search Procedure
Batch Status in MM
Characteristics and class
Sort Sequence for MM Batch
SLED In Batch in MM
Manual And Automatic Batch Display In MM
Valuation and Account Determination
Introduction to Material Valuation
Split Valuation
Configure Split Valuation
Defining Global Categories
Defining Global Type
Defining Local Definition& Assignment
Invoice Verification
Basic Invoice Verification Procedure
Invoice for Purchase Order
Unplanned Delivery Costs
Planned Delivery Costs
Credit Memo
Blocking the Invoice
Releasing Blocked Invoices
Subsequent Debit/Credit
Automatic Settlements (ERS, Cosignment,Pipeline)
GR/IR Account Maintenance
Stochastic Block
Parking Invoice Document
Integration Concept
Automatic Account Determination
Integration of MM with SD
Stock Transport Order (STO) Intra Company Stock Transfer
Inter Company or Cross Company Stock Transfer
Integration of MM with PP
MRP Concepts
Planned Independent Requirements
Consumption Based
Planning Reorder Point Planning Automatic and Manual ROP Forecast Based Planning

FI-MM Integration

Definition of organizational units in materials management i.e. plant, storage location and purchase Organization
Assignment of organizational units to each other
Definition of tolerance groups for purchase orders
Definition of tolerance groups for goods receipt
Definition of tolerance groups for invoice verification balance sheet items.
Definition of vendor specific tolerances
Creation, display and change of material master records
Creation of plant parameters
Maintenance of posting periods for materials management
Maintenance of parameters for invoice verification
Maintenance of plant parameters for inventory management and physical inventory
Definition of attributes for material types
Assignment of GL accounts for material transactions in financial accounting
(Integration of MM with FI)
Creation of purchase order, posting of goods receipt, invoice verification and
Goods issue for cost center – PO Price differs from Invoice Price -full stock is available
Goods issue for cost center – PO Price differs from Invoice Price -stock is not available
Goods issue for cost center – PO Price differs from Invoice Price –Partial stock is available
Goods issue for cost center – PO Price differs from Invoice Price –Standard Price
Asset purchases in MM

FI-SD Integration

Definition of sales organization
Definition of distribution channels
Definition of divisions
Assignment among various organizational units in SD
Definition of partner functions
Definitions of shipping point and loading points
Definition of pricing procedures
Determining the shipping points
Determining the pricing procedures
Maintenance of SD condition types
Maintenance of condition records
Assignment of GL accounts for sales transactions( integration of FI with SD)
Creation of sales order
Initialization of stock
Posting the delivery of goods
Creating the sales order
Goods delivered to Customer
Cash Received from Customer
Other Topics

Special Scenarios

Special Procurement Key
Joint & By Product
o NRV Method
o Apportionment Method
Mixed Cost Estimation
Unit Costing
Split Valuation
External Operations
External Activity
Scrap Valuation individual and combined scenarios
Assembly Scrap
Component Scrap
Operational Scrap
Scrap with Net ID

Project Content
Project implementation flow
Project Creation and allocation of areas to different consultants
Business Process Re-engineering
System Landscape

ASAP Methodology

1. Project Preparation
2. Business Blue Print
3. Realization
4. Final Preparation
5. Go Live and Support
GAP Analysis
Case Study
MM tables
How to view tables
How to view transactional data
How to create USER IDS
How to create own transaction codes
Message Control
Table relations
Scripts & Smart Forms
Ticketing Tools

ABAP query
User Exits
Field Exit
Screen Exit
Function Exit
Menu Exit
Transport requests and their Transportation process
How to make a request as a default request
Authorization check
User parameter maintenance
Functional and technical specs
Schedule Manager
Issues in implementation
Issues in Up gradation
Issues in Support
Terms used in Projects and their Meaning- cutover Strategy
Rollouts/Kickoff meeting
Customization documents preparation
User documents preparation
User Manual in

MM Online Training

Pragna Technologies offer MM online training  beginners and experts as well. The course is available online at a reasonable fee. The Material Management Certification course is useful to get knowledge of the software, and do what we need in industries. The awareness includes how the account software functions and how it can be implemented to process data during day-to- day trading. The curriculum is designed to understand the programs’ execution and its integration easily with other modules of the software. The dealing with materials in the market runs the business so smoothly while saving money and resources. The  MM Online Training in Hyderabad, India aimed at improving overall performance and decreasing costs positively. Materials management is an important setup in an industry that decides the design of the building and smooth movement of materials in it. It covers several settings including purchasing, shipping, and arehousing of materials furthermore, controlling to provide cost-effective solutions to clients.

 MM (Materials Management) online training is an important and largest module in  ERP’ software that supports materials acquirement & management. Its main subcomponents are given below.

Purchasing: It supports users to control purchasing procedure.

Inventory management: It helps users to keep track of products in stock and to perform actions such as stock transfers, goods receipts/ issues.

Verification of Invoice: The setup allows verification of invoices from clients. The bills are verified for content, price, and quantity of the materials with respect to their purchase order.

Physical inventory: It is useful for keeping track of the materials that stored in an Industry. Inventory is recorded on the basis of measurement units such as weight or quantity at a warehouse at a particular time.

Valuation: It benefits users to estimate the value of current and fixed resources including all payables under proper legal ways.

Service Master: It helps clients to keep records of the offered services.

Customs and Foreign trade: It supports successful management of import and export through different custom regimes.

Material Master: It cares user to manipulate all data that associated with materials.

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Duration 90Hrs.
R3 Server Access for 6 Months Materials and Working Notes
Price 20,000.00

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