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SAP FICO Interview questions

Technical interview -I

• What do understand by intercompany posting? we need to assign Company with respect to company Code.
• What is the use Charts of deprecation? Its country specific or company code Specific?
• Do you have any idea of installment payment?
• Where we maintain Exchange rate, it is Client dependent or company Code dependent?
• Can we have Customer as vendor and Vendor as Customer?
• How you are going to handle bad debts in Sap?
• What is group Charts of Accounts in SAP ?
• What is difference between in Mc.9 vs MB5B
• What is clearing account in Bank ?
• What you understand by next payment run date?
• How stock write of take place in SAP?
• What are Depreciation and COGS entries in SAP ?
• What you understand deferred Tax ?
• Head office and branch office transaction?
• What you understand mark for deletion GL and Blocked GL?

Technical interview –II

• How flexible you are ?
• Which ticketing tool you are using?
• Do you have an idea about SLV?
• What is difference between workbench and Customized Request?
• Wat you understand by r.e.c.e.f?
• How you handle change request in SAP?
• Idea about System landscape?
• Any idea about badi , bapi and lsmw in SAP
• What do you understand by user exit?

Managerial round for Skill Sets-III

• Since how long you are working in present Company?
• Why you are looking for change?
• Are you ready for relocation?
• Your present Salary str ?
• How flexible you are ?
• Do you receive any award or recognition from present company?
• Where you see yr self after 5 yrs down the line?

HR round

• Salary negotiation
• Why you have jumped so many Companies?
• Why you have GAP in your resume

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